In many processes failure of a critical component can bring entire production lines to a halt. Lost production and inefficient utilization of employee resources all directly affect our clients bottom line.

What if there was a way look into the future and predict when a critical component will fail?

In this day and age, data is power and can be used to predict component failure through statistical analysis. Norfolk Controls can implement data historians to collect important information about our clients process. From motor run times to process temperatures and everything in between, if it can be measured, we can collect and analyse data on it.

We can statistically predict when in the future critical components are likely to fail allowing preventative maintenance plans to be developed on real data, strengthening our clients maintenance programs.

Information.... There Is No Greater Resource

Using historized process data, we develop reports that analyze key metrics of our clients process. Raw data is analyzed and formatted in a manner that tells a complete story of your process. Report generation can be scheduled and emailed ensuring key performance indicators (KPI's) are always in focus.

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